Cyber Crime Detection and Prevention Training

Cybercrime incidents at the global and national levels are increasing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, there is a lack of skilled personnel to counter cybercrime incidents in Tanzania. Needs assessments indicate that there is a lack of a skilled workforce for combating cybercrime. The lack of a skilled workforce in this field jeopardizes the overall security of ICT systems and the national economy in general. Therefore, the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) and Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) through Skills Development Fund (SDF) have organized a three-month free training on Cyber Crime Detection and Prevention. Training will be conducted online and is expected to start from September 2022.

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Who is Eligible?

Holders of any ICT certificate from reputable learning recognized by National Council for National and Vocational Education (NACTVET) or Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), age 18 to 35 years. Women are encouraged to apply.